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Stop wasting your time & energy! Get that perfect curl in 5min or less!

Cut the time you spend curling your hair in half with our SimpleeCurler™️ so you can spend more time doing what you need to


Automatic Curling Function 

SimpleeCurler™️ lets you curl, iron, and condition your hair at the same time. The one-inch ceramic coating barrel allows rapid heating of hair up to 210°C 



Desperately trying to get the perfect curl with substandard hair equipment and lousy outdated curlers? We installed ceramic heat technology and a preset setting for your own hair type!



Infrared heat

Our SimpleeCurler™️  emits just enough heat to stir up the negative ions in your hair to distribute the heat evenly to avoid hair damage

Time Saving 

Brace yourself for a smooth, stress-free 5 minutes of producing flawless curls and waves that that last for the next 8 hours!